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Lifestyle & Wellbeing
02 May 2014 // by Rebecca Goodyear

Skin Science: Eczema & Psoriasis

Eczema and psoriasis are two words seldom mentioned without the other, but many are unsure of the difference between the two skin complaints. Both are types of dermatitis with shared symptoms of redness, inflammation itchiness and discomfort, however there are some key differences between the two conditions.

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Lifestyle & Wellbeing
30 April 2014 // by Fashion Fox

Will Power

When I was invited to meet Will Pike a personal trainer with a difference, a man who within two weeks could completely change my attitude to food etc. etc. I was a little dismissive. But when I met him I ended up spending a very enjoyable afternoon with Will that really did give me food for thought. Will has worked as a high level personal trainer for a number of years but doesn't have the air of a personal trainer at all, he's fresh faced, fun and has engaging sweetness that is rare in people generally and even rarer in the world do sport and fitness. For this reason alone you should go and hang with Will. His approach is a little left field but I ask you to suspend your cynical disbelief (me being the biggest cynic going) and dig a little deeper.

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Lifestyle & Wellbeing
06 January 2014 // by Fashion Fox

Why every Fashionista should live in London

Why Every Fashionista Should Live In London Every true fashionista should not only visit London, but they should seriously consider living there. London is known for its fashion-forward lifestyle from its fabulous department stores to divine boutiques and edgy shops and pop-up stores. Living in London means you will be surrounded by incredible shops, the latest fashions, and the most decadent foods. If you’re serious about fashion then don’t just be a visitor take the plunge and become a resident. Street Style headline shot by Chilenwa Uzowuru

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Lifestyle & Wellbeing
02 January 2014 // by Fashion Fox

Dance, Dance, Dance into 2014!

It’s that time of year again filled with regret of the colossal amount of calories we’ve ingested over Christmas and never mind the excessive quantity of units of alcohol downed at New Year, filled with self loathing we resolve once again to be better, thinner, fitter, leaner human beings and inflict a harsh regime of diet and exercise upon ourselves only to give up a month later after shelling out for a year’s gym membership. If only being fit could be fun? I mean really fun like dancing, Since Strictly Come Dancing has left our screens let’s get up of the sofa and get our dancing shoes on. On the saintly side it can benefit you physiologically and spiritually. Humans have been dancing since, well, since there have been humans its one exercise that can feel gloriously sinful and sexy because after all, the devil has the best tunes.

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