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Gifts and Indulgences
18 April 2014 // by Rachel Trickett

Easter Take Five: Feel Good Treats

Happy (feel) Good Friday, Fashion Foxes! There’s no question that this weekend were all going to be gorging on a chocolate egg (or four), but check out our edit of the best alternative Easter gifts that’ll make your friends and rellies smile… nearly as much as the thought of a four day weekend.

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Gifts and Indulgences
04 April 2014 // by Rachel Trickett

Weekend Must Have heidi klein Coconut Beach Candle

Can’t make it to the beech this weekend? Bring summer into your home with a luxury heidi klein Coconut Beach Candle. This elegant home accessory sits sophisticatedly in any room, while it fills the air with tantalizing notes of coconut, jasmine, marine and vanilla. The Coconut beach Candle has made its way to the top of our Weekend Must Have list for evoking memories of tropical beaches and faraway islands - while we try and pretend it’s not another bleak overcast English weekend.

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Gifts and Indulgences
14 February 2014 // by Peter Brooker

Cadenzza's Secret Service for last minute secret Valentines

Cadenzza secret service

Guys, Valentines Day is around the corner so lets not screw it up. Imagine what she's going to tell her friends at the office when she finds out you don't celebrate Valentines Day because your love is not measured by what you buy. Or worse yet, you think those Tesco Forecourt flowers you treat your mum to every now and then will cut the mustard. Don't give her the ammunition, get her some jewellery delivered to her work and keep her smiling.

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Gifts and Indulgences
24 December 2013 // by Fashion Fox

The Final Christmas Gift Dash

last minute christmas gift shopping

It’s that time of year again, and once again, you’re stuck in the dilemma of trying to find the perfect gift at the last minute. But have no fear—you don't have to resort to buying Mum a lottery ticket and a pack of tights. Here’s a list of shops that deliver lightning fast, and items that are unique and still thoughtful (no one will ever find out that it was a last minute gift!). Hopefully this is enough to reignite your creativity and put your fears to rest.

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Gifts and Indulgences
17 December 2013 // by Jas Kaur

Tiger under the Christmas Tree

kenzo tiger

The big day is fast approaching, and whilst scouring the web and high street for presents for others I’ve come across a few things which I’m secretly hoping will be under the tree waiting for me on the 25th. So when my editor asked me to write about my Christmas wish list I jumped at a chance, what better way of maximising my chances of getting what I REALLY want this year?

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