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How to wear Winter Florals

01 November, 2013

Written by Lorna Burford in Fashion tips

Lorna Burford winter florals

Someone switched summer of way too early didn't they? Fashion Blogger Lorna Burford says: Who says floral prints are just for spring and summer? As the trends are always evolving, many designers and brands are incorporating florals into their autumn and winter collections. The key to getting winter florals right? It's all in the colour palette! Put aside the pastel tones and make sure you opt for deeper shades like mustard, burgundy, browns and deep purples. These dark jewel tones are reminiscent of the autumn season and coincide nicely with the falling leaves.

The best way to wear autumn and winter florals in my opinion is in a couple of statement pieces, for example a structured autumn floral blazer or even a pair of tailored floral trousers. The idea is getting one key piece and styling your outfit around it. I find mixing a deeper toned floral blazer with a dark skinny jean in burgundy or purple is a great way to opt into the trend, but if you don't feel like wearing a jacket out of fear of it being too 'pimp' like, printed floral trousers are the way to go. You can pair these with a delicate shirt and some heels and you are all set! If you are brave enough, you can always set your sights on a co-ordinating suit, matching the floral blazer and trousers together, which is a very common look during fashion week, but it's definitely an ensemble for the brave! If either of these looks are too masculine for you, why not opt for a warm toned floral dress? You can throw on a plain black blazer and some ankle boots, just to tone it down a notch, and you are good to go!

Erdem created a sophisticated catwalk look with dark florals

Givenchy chose and edgier way to use florals that can be adapted for a casual look

A lot of designers sent autumn and winter florals down the catwalk for autumn 2013, Erdem and Givenchy leading the way, showcasing almost his entire collection in floral print. Setting his flower patterns upon a black silk background really made the pieces autumn and winter appropriate.  Below we've put together some shopping options to inspire you to get your flower power on. How many of you will be wearing florals this season? Have a look at these great floral options by Lorna Burford.

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How to wear Winter Florals

Fashion blogger Lorna Burford shows us how to wear this seasons trend, winter florals in a a casual way to brighten up these dark grey wintery days

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